New cabins

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New mobile cabins

Two newest cabins are a bit different:
1st is a bit smaller than older ones and has different window structure.
2nd is a caravan that has twin bed instead of double.
Both new cabins have same specs as older ones: heating, lights, toilet, usb-socket, wifi.

Price / 2 persons / night in season 2020-21:
23rd - 30th November 275eur
1st - 18th December 320eur
19th Dec - 6th Jan 375eur
7th - 31st January 355eur
1st - 28th February 375eur
1st - 31st March 355eur
Single -50eur
Multiple nights -10%
Prices include taxes, breakfast, base camp facilities and pick up transfers in Inari village.

You can book all 3 cabin models by request from here