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- Skiing for beginners: at 10am or by request, duration 1h, price 35eur/person. Traditional way of moving in Finland!

- Short fishing trip: at 2pm or by request, duration 1h, price 55eur/person. Fishing by rod!

- Long fishing trip: at 10am, duration 2,5h, price 130eur/person. Moving by snowmobile sled, fishing by rod & net + bbq by open fire!

- Fishing trip by dog sleigh: at 10am, total 2,5h (ca. 40min sledding), price 225eur/person, max 2 persons, videos 1, 2, 3

- Dog sledding and snowmobiling can be booked from or on the spot from the staff!

- Reindeer farm visit & sleigh ride: duration 2h, price 110eur/person. Sami culture, reindeer, handicrafts, coffee/tea.

- Kick sledding: free, it is also the best way to move to the village and back.

- Traditional sauna: free, booking on the spot.

- Dinner by open fire: at 6pm, booking before noon. 30eur/person. Menu1: Local fish, veggie, dessert. Menu2 to be defined...

- Other: Sami Museum Siida, Culture House Sajos, hiking tracks

Note that cabins are moved to the lake at 8pm so please be then in the cabin!
Prices are valid for minimum 2 participants.
Activities include warm clothes, transfers, guidance in English and taxes.
Booking on the spot too!